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Its obvious that you are trying to find the alternative Cloud provider other than Linode Cloud VPS. You are either an existing customer or you are considering Linode Cloud VPS as one of your provider. And since you found me, how about i tell you a little bit about what i think of Linode and who are beating the crap out of Linode at the moment? Unless you are interested in Linode Load Balancing and DDOS protection feature, you should really be looking at CloudWays with DigitalOcean.  If not VULTR might be your friend for the lowest tiers package. For bigger packages, you might be better off going with the big boys or other providers in the cloud battle. Let’s do a comparison.

Linode1GB1 Core24GB2TB$10/month
DigitalOcean1GB1 Core30GB2TB$10/month
VULTR1GB1 Core20GB2TB$8/month

Pricing wise VULTR is killing both of them. And in terms of SSD space, DigitalOcean is killing it. Not to say, DigitalOcean offers $1 additional to backup your instances and Vultr provides unlimited snapshot. Not too sure about Linode 😉

Lower SSD Drive

HDD vs SSD vs RAM Drive

above shows the speed test of a HDD vs SSD vs RAM. Like i previous mention, Why i choose a higher SSD by Digital Ocean but in this case, i think Digital Ocean pretty much killed it in terms of SSD allocation and pricing as compare to Linode

Linode Hacked

Pretty much explain a lot about the people who manage or the service you are going to subscribed over at Linode when they have a big issue such as server being hacked by hackers. Would you want to take the risk in this case?


Managed vs Unmanaged


How long does it take to setup your VPS  with Varnish, Nginx, Memcache, Monitoring, Backup, PHP, MySQL, MySQL Manager, DNS and etc. ? within 8 minutes? CloudWays is able to setup and allow you to manage your website within 8 minutes. Linode or even DigitalOcean won’t be able to do this. With CloudWays, i can pretty much sleep peacefully without worrying much in a managed environment.

Alternative to Linode Cloud VPS

My personal opinion on the best alternative to Linode Cloud VPS would really be CloudWays with it managed platform and at the price match with Digital Ocean and you can save a lot of time doing all. I would personally highly recommend the platform i believe in. There is a 14 days trial without credit card or anything on CloudWays. Try it out instead of Linode Cloud and see whether you like it before hunting again! Enter “WEBHOSTINEGG” as promo code when sign up to get $10 credit.

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  1. Bart

    On March 20, 2017 my VPS hosted on Linode was hited by a ransomware attack and MySQL database was encrypted, this was not an issue for me because it was empty, the problem here is that the attack was possible only with the help of poor security of the Linode machine who handles the VPS because my server was listening only on local host:
    sudo netstat -plntu
    Active Internet connections (only servers)
    Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign AddressState PID/Program name
    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 6769/mysqld

    I have reported this incident to Support team and this was their explanation :
    1 day ago Hello,
    While reviewing the information provided I see that your MySQL database is listening to the internet publicly. However, there doesn’t appear to be any dropped packets for port 6769 in your firewall. Is your firewall configured to allow anyone to access MySQL on port 6769?

    For Linode the PID of a service is the PORT on which that service is listening :))))) Well this is the “quality” of, because of their incompetence the only way to stay on the market is to sell cheeper the hardware resources then their competitors.

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