Cheapest Cloud VPS Hosting Under $5

It’s been some time since i’m on the hunt for new cloud vps to do another project of mine. Since it’s a startup, i’m really looking at the lowest cost i could get before my startup start generating revenue. So here i am looking for cloud vps hosting that are dirt cheap. Glad i did and i really found some that fit my bill!


Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean as usual is what my website is currently using. Their cloud hosting is great. Their uptime and backup are pretty good for the money i’ve spent so far. Signing up now gets you a $10 credit for use, FREE.


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.14.35 PM

Linode, similar to Digital Ocean, are pricing at $5. They are definitely not the cheapest out there but the most feature rich one you can find on the cloud vps hosting arena. But i’m looking for the lowest price, like i said, i’m startup. But they are pretty cheap for the feature they provide.


Atlantic.Net cloud vps hosting, lowest package pricing at $4.97 per month. Looks like a better deal than Digital Ocean with the additional 1TB transfer. If you are interested, you can get $15 credit to try it out too.


Luna node lowest vps package pricing at $4.5, looks pretty affordable but doesn’t provide much location. i’ll keep looking.


And guess what i found! $2.5 for a cloud vps! We have a winner! Vultr is offering $2.5 for EVERYTHING that it’s competitors are providing! It is the cheapest! And guess what! It runs out of stock very quickly too! They also provides unlimited free snapshot! Signing up now gives you a $30 credit to use their services, FREE!

Cheapest Cloud VPS Hosting

I think once i saw $2.5 / month offer from Vultr. It pretty much concluded my search. Not too sure who can beat them at this price. Even VPS cost more than $2.5 a month these days! If you are looking for a cheap cloud vps hosting. Look no further. Grab one with Vultr now!

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