Free 7 Months Digital Ocean Cloud or $35 credit

Good news for all Digital Ocean new users! How about getting 7 months free Digital Ocean Cloud VPS or $35 credit totally FREE to just try using Digital Ocean? Well, I have a trick that might just fulfill your needs! Without further ado, just follow the following steps

STEP 1. Create a Digital Ocean account by clicking here to earn the first $ 10 in credit. It’s quite simple. Remember to register using immediately to get this $10 credit!

STEP 2. After confirming your email, you will need to choose a payment method. The normal process for creating any account on the site. Payment methods available to date are credit card and Paypal.

STEP 3. Now, to get the remaining $25 free credit, go register for a free account at Codeanywhere.

STEP 4. After the registration is complete, you will be redirected to the Editor and a popup with the title of Connection Wizard.

STEP 5. Click on Digital Ocean, the last link in the column on the left side of the popup. Then click GET COUPON.

STEP 6 Copy or write down code that will appear.

STEP 7. Go to the Digital Ocean site where we stopped before and apply the code we just copied or go to Billing and scroll down until you see the code “Promo code” and apply it there!

Once you’ve done that, enjoy all your $35 credits to use it for free for your cloud server for 7 months! Enjoy!

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