Top 10+ Alternative to Linode Cloud VPS

Linode is one of the most popular Cloud / IaaS VPS provider way back 2003 and no one in the industry doesn’t know Linode as they were one of the pioneer in the industry. Many people join Linode due to its feature rich and Developer orientated platform which really cater to Developer needs. However, due to many security and hacked news with Linode, a lot are also looking for alternative to Linode Cloud VPS. Here, i will list down some of Linode Cloud niche competitors that has features or support as good as what Linode Cloud VPS had offered, not just some ordinary cloud server provider like 100TB which is more or less a VPS provider.

Google Compute Engine

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Google Compute Engine is definitely one of the alternative that you could look at with all the features that Linode offers. Its a Pay-Per-Usage model and since its from Google, there is pretty much nothing much to say other than you can trust this brand. They are one of the leading contender in the Cloud IaaS competitions.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is another big ass name who is one of the leader in cloud IaaS services. In terms of revenue, they are definitely one which is just below Amazon S3 services.


AliCloud is China way of saying hello to Amazon Cloud Services including the likes of Linode which offers everything you can find in Linode and other big competitors like Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine!

Amazon AWS

Amazon Cloud is the leader of public cloud IaaS provider. No one doesn’t know him so i would just cut the chase.


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CloudWith.ME is a PaaS that specialize in using AWS to ease your setup process. All you need to do is to setup with CloudWith.Me and let them manage your WordPress / Drupal / Joomla and etc for you using AWS services. They also provides 12 months free tiers for you to setup your AWS services similar to what AWS is offering!


CloudWays is a PaaS services that sits on top of DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud services. It has the same pricing tiers at the beginning with all the major cloud providers and offer attractive supports and features on top of what you need in a normal cloud services. Its like cPanel but for cloud services. Enter “WEBHOSTINEGG” as promo code when sign up to get $10 credit.



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CloudSigma is a name you don’t hear often in the cloud services industry but they offer almost all the features you can see on Linode and they may be one of the closest competitors to Linode in terms of pricing and features.


Vultr is one of the newest and strongest competitor of Linode in terms of pricing and since they are new, their hardware performances are also one of the best out there, easily knock down most of the bigger Niche provider such as Digital Ocean and Linode. And it’s only $2.5/month! They also provides unlimited free snapshot! Signing up now gives you a $30 credit to use their services, FREE!

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is one of the most popular cloud hosting and specialist in simplicity, they provide one of the most affordable and simplest platform for developers to use and forget about machine. They grew the fastest and is currently one of the pack leader in the developer world when we look at Cloud VPS services. They also offers the CHEAPEST backup instances at $1 additional a month! Signing up now gets you a $10 credit for use, FREE.


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Codero started out way back to 1992 and they have been evolving and upgrading to following the latest trend in web hosting. They are trying to compete with Amazon Cloud with the same features but better pricing. Definitely one of the Cloud provider to look out for when you are looking for Linode Alternatives!

Ubiquity Hosting

Ubiquity Hosting founded in 2004 and aims at stability of the system rather than offering a more competitive packages  . They implemented restriction to disk I/O where some of the people will welcome this move as a way to ensure the environment you are at is not being abused. They are part of LeasedWeb and provides one of the best networks around too! Enter “25BUCKS” as coupon for a $25 free credit when you sign up!


Atlantic.Net provides both unmanage and managed box, linux and windows alike with better and more competitive pricing. They are also the provider for some of the biggest brand name such as  Hilton, Samsung, Puma and etc. Stabilities and features wise, they are definitely on par with Linode. If you are interested, you can get $15 credit to try it out too.

1&1 Cloud

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1&1 is one of the oldest companies and also one of the biggest web hosting company in the US. They were way back 1988. They offer 3 location with both Windows and Linux. And they offer one of the highest SSD disk for the price you will be paying. for $4.99, you will be getting 30GB SSD. Not too sure if you can find anywhere that beats that. You can get 1 month free to try them out too!



Well, you won’t see much people offering 1000% SLAs. VPS.NET does for its cloud. There is a 15% discount right around. Grab it and give it a try.

Alternative to Linode Cloud VPS

IaaS services is a tough world with many competitors coming in every year! Although you might not be able to find EVERY features you need in other provider than Linode Cloud VPS, every company is unique, but it all boils down to support and stability. What i have listed will definitely be able to provide you with it, rest assure!

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