Cheapest Highest Memory Cloud Server for MongoDB

Well, today, i’m in search for a HIGH memory requirement by MongoDB (i need to cluster them so, its kinda expensive when we have everything x3!). Hence, another journey began to seek for the highest memory cloud server that is the cheapest with reliability of course.  I need at least 3GB for my production server. Of course, i may need more than that as the startup grow. Hopefully it does, finger cross.  let’s start.

Digital Ocean

Recently Digital Ocean throws out a new offer which starts at $15/month, and you get like 3GB of memory with 1vCPU. Pretty attractive if you are purely seeking out high memory usage server for MongoDB or newer kind of databases. Signing up now gets you a $10 credit for use, FREE.


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.14.35 PM

Linode offer pretty expensive here with $40/month for 4GB but with 4 CPU cores and a lot more. But i don’t need that CPU that much, so i may not take your liking here.


Atlantic.Net is even more expensive! At $39.95/month to get 4GB of ram with only 2vCPU! I rather go with Linode! But If you are interested, you can get $15 credit to try it out too.



Now, Vultr offers pretty competitive. At only $20/month  i get both 2 CPU and 4GB of ram. Looks promising here. Signing up now gives you a $30 credit to use their services, FREE!

OVH Cloud

OVZ Cloud runs on Openstack platform. 4GB rams at only $17.99, but its mostly in euro. If you are looking for euro server, there are definitely cheaper options for sure.

Summary on Cheapest Highest Memory Cloud Server for MongoDB

Well, at the end i have decided to go with Digital Ocean.  Since i’m a small startup, and money doesn’t fall off from the sky, to me, Digital Ocean current plan seems to work for us for now.

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