5 Best Recommended Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting in Asia

If you are looking for Managed WordPress Hosting in Asia due to SEO, you might just come to the right blog post! Most article you find will most likely brings you to some US or Europe managed WordPress Cloud hosting. But since my target niche is in Asia, i will really want to find a WordPress hosting and not any mere hosting provider that provides shared hosting in a hosted environment. Anyway, you do know Managed WordPress hosting only manage 1 WordPress right?. Anyway, the journey began.


We kick off with CloudWays which is a PaaS services similar to cPanel and they are also one of the cheapest managed service which provides full managed server service with the choice of Asia countries such as Singapore, India, Taiwan or Japan in Asia. You get a dedicated ip in a cloud environment with the ability to customize your setup too. Without Free CDN and Staging area which i could live with at $10 per month. If you would want to give it a shot, try the coupon “WEBHOSTINEGG” when sign up to get $10 credit.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

Kinsta is a specialize Managed WordPress Hosting provider in Asia. Their platform is hosted on Google Cloud platform which explains why its so expensive.  Similarly to Cloudways, they also provides the same countries since Cloudways also provide Google Cloud as platform but the differences is pricing. If you choose CloudWays using Google Cloud platform, it would cost you $33.30/month as compare to Kinsta which also provide you with CDN and other speed up alternative that Cloudways does not.

Flywheel Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting


Flywheel is another specialist WordPress hosting provider in Asia with a very intuitive dashboard with expert WordPress support and its own ip addresses.  They provide only Singapore as Asia datacenter which is more than enough for most of us. Comparing to Kinsta or CloudWays, CloudWays seems to be the cheaper options but if you need assist on anything WordPress, Flywheel is still the expert here.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

Godaddy who has its presence in Singapore and Hong kong. However, when you sign up with them, they will automatic assign you the datacenter based on your region. In order to change that, you’ll need to go to their live chat to get it changed for you. Other than that, their pricing for managed hosting seems to be the most affordable in Asia so far.


Pressidium Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

Pressidium seems a little more expensive than other managed WordPress hosting in Asia but they are the only one that offers HHVM to run your PHP site like Facebook does!They have Japan and South East Asia Datacenter for your selection in Asia. However, if your website is a huge big ass site with tons of traffic or your cloud hosting provider isn’t doing very well. This might not be something to look into.

Summary on my best recommended managed WordPress cloud hosting in asia

so who do i choose in the end? CloudWays of course! Why? Well, i get a dedicated IP and i get to install unlimited number of WordPress site while using Cloudflare for SSL. I have more Disk space ( seriously, even a normal blog like this eats up 10GB easily with those fat images), and i get to choose who i want to host with. If i need something that isn’t provided for me on my managed cloud, i’ll just need to request from the support team and they will install them and set it up for me.


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