Best Alternative to VULTR Cloud VPS

I was a VULTR Cloud VPS customer previously. It’s the cheapest Cloud VPS available in Asia that provide higher ram than Digital Ocean. But one day i found something better than both VULTR or Digital Ocean, CloudWays. I’ve already recommended CloudWays in several of my previous post. In fact, Web Hosting Egg is currently hosted by CloudWays! There is a 14 Days free trials where you can just install WordPress directly within 8 minutes plus optimum setup. Pretty much stole my heart. I’ve also written 20 reasons why CloudWays are better than DigitalOcean and cheapest managed Digital Ocean cloud vps which also applies to VULTR Cloud as well.



Now let’s the battle began! I will tell you why i did not choose VULTR or DigitalOcean and place almost all my services with CloudWays.


a lot of supports of VULTR will argue this with me on this, but unless you are after the additional 256MB of ram and lesser 5GB of ram offer in VULTR $5/month plan, you’ve better give CloudWays a look for what it can offer in return as compare to VULTR. Since CloudWays uses Digital Ocean, i will just kick DigitalOcean right out of the window since they offer the same pricing tier. Now, between VULTR and DigitalOcean platform, the offer is pretty clear-cut offering as shown below,

DigitalOcean512MB1 Core20GB1TB$5/month
VULTR768MB1 Core15GB1TB$5/month

Pretty much looks the same. The only differences is the memory and SSD allocation. I give up on VULTR not because of its attractive allocation of 256MB of ram which is quite a lot. The reason why i choose DigitalOcean platform with CloudWays is because of the following reasons.

Higher SSD Drive vs Higher Ram

HDD vs SSD vs RAM Drive

The image above shows the speed test of a HDD vs SSD vs RAM.

Why i choose a higher SSD by Digital Ocean instead of a higher ram by VULTR is because we are talking about high-class SSD with x10 faster iops and 500-1000MB/sec read and write ( depends on the SSD controller). I can always allocate the additional 5GB of hard disk space to swap which will easily kill off the advantage of 256MB of ram by  VULTR. Think about it, is SSD space or a ram are more expensive in today context? Pretty much a 5GB swap will easily take over 256MB of ram in a SSD drive. The higher SSD also allows me to perform local backup and more low traffic website. And VPS or Dedicated server both suffer from poor IO in the pass, never the ram. Think about it.

Managed vs Unmanaged


SSD vs Ram argument might not be very convincing. How about setting up your VPS  with Varnish, Nginx, Memcache, Monitoring, Backup, PHP, MySQL, MySQL Manager, DNS and etc.  within 8 minutes!! And you don’t even have to worry about wrong configuration or something just broken! If there is any problems with your server, you can always go back to command line and manage all the configuration yourself! However, everything is managed properly for you and you just have to use CloudWays platform to manage your DigitalOcean machine! It saves me a lot of headaches and time which i can really use it somewhere else. If you ever want a new blog or etc up, just add it as an ‘app’ and it will get it installed within 8 minutes. Pretty much stole me there. (similar to the image above, i can a piece of mind)

Best Alternative to VULTR

so this is my argument and reasons on choosing CloudWays instead of continue my service with VULTR. It might not convince you but trust me as a webmaster myself, there is nothing more headache than a customers asking you what happen and you have to SSH into your machine with a smart phone to try to figure out what is happening to your client services. Enter “WEBHOSTINEGG” as promo code when sign up to get $10 credit.


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