Top 10 Affordable and Reliable VPS Provider in US

Sick of hearing DigitalOcean, Linode, CloudWays or Vultr? If you are not, i am! How about finding reliable and affordable US VPS Provider for once. Those provider that will tend to your needs and have great support! Not those provider where they ignore you but those that value their customers and pay a lot of attention to their client to ensure they get the best deals in the market. In this article, i am going to dig them out of their  hiding place and allow you to get expose to all these reliable VPS provider but at the same time affordable! You can search for their review on Google, you won’t be disappointed.


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RamNode one of the favourite VPS provider in terms of reliability and support. Pricing wise, they are ok.  They have 5 locations in US and offer fast SSD hardisk and a 1Gbps uplink for each server. A lot of customers who go with them have never left and gives praise to this little advertise VPS company.


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XenPower who was once called ‘Prometeus’ before they change their website name to XenPower is another very affordable VPS provider who also provide one of the most attractive VPS Cloud server and is usually sold out within a few days! If you are tired of looking the normal DigitalOcean, Linode, CloudWays or Vultr, you can always for the alternatives.


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VPSDime as its website already mention, they are fast, affordable and reliable VPS hosting provider. They provide great support and excellent VPS packages for anyone who are interested. VPSDime is also part of Backupsy which you may be more familiar with.


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BuyVM is another great VPS provider who is well known among tech alike. Like their slogan said, they are affordable and reliable manged virtual servers. If you would like a manage services, you might want to visit them for a comparison.


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INIZ is offering enterprise VPS hosting with budget prices. They are also one of the top 10 well know company in the space of VM. Both support and reliability are being praise by tech alike.

Inception Hosting

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Inception Hosting Xen VM is offer at as low as $2/month. If you are looking for a reliable VPS with decent support at the lowest cost, you might just want to hit them.

Catalyst host

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Catalyst Host offer Enterprise Grade Hardware like all others and offer starts at $5/month with 2Gbps-10Gbps uplink depending on location. Like they said, they never oversold and they also also voted as one of the high tier provider in the VPS sphere.



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DrServer has his own fans who are supporting them all the way with package starting from $2.7/month with specs on par with many cloud server, no wonder VPS isn’t dead yet.


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QuickPacket mostly focus on Atlanta area in the US and also being praise for its pricing and support. QuickPacket is pretty quiet and i personally haven’t hear of them but they make their name in the VPS crowd through their offering which starts at $10/month which is pretty expensive as compare to the other providers


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DewLance is another VPS provider who well known in the community and has been offering great package starting 2013. If you are looking for a reliable provider, why not check them out?

Affordable and Reliable VPS Provider in US

i am more a fans to Cloud Provider and services as compare to VPS. However, looking at the offering and pricing offer, i can’t resist to say these VPS providers do provide better services than some Cloud Server as they have smaller customer based to handle as compare to larger cloud vps provider like DigitalOcean or Linode.

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