Top 40+ Popular Public Cloud VPS Server Alternative

Well, we know that public cloud has been around for a few years. There are so many public cloud services companies now as compare to a few years back. But how many public cloud services are there at the moment and who are them? Here, i will try to list them all out so that we know what our options are and have our options all covered before making any purchase, or, try it for free!


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Wable is an interesting Public Cloud Server alternative if you are looking for a few ip addresses and multiple machine launch at one goal. The pricing you pay for in Wable is the resources, how you are going to use these resources is up to you. For example, for $8, i can spam 3 VPS and 1CPU for each sharing 50GB of SSD


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Kyup, originally call ‘Clouder’ is another cloud service which is part of SiteGround started in 2014! Starting at $20 / month, it provides certain advantages over other competitors at this range which can be seen on their comparison page. They only provides unmanage cloud server and you can sign up for free with a $20 credit on their website.


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Codero started out way back to 1992 and they have been evolving and upgrading to following the latest trend in web hosting. Now? Its the Cloud! Package wise, its on par with DigitalOcean which you might just go ahead with DigitalOcean. Similarly to DigitalOcean, they provides only unmanage services for their cloud server. If you are interested, they have made a comparison with Amazon Cloud which might shock you!

GoDaddy Cloud

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GoDaddy Cloud which is currently offering in US only is one of the bigger company in the public cloud services. Package offer is on par with DigitalOcean and others. If you have an account with GoDaddy and have a great experience, you might want to pay them a visit.

Layer Shift

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Layer Shift provides fully managed cloud vps only. They are in business since 2001 and they offer 3 location, Chicago for US, Singapore for Asia and UK.


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Hostforweb provides both managed and unmanaged cloud vps. Tier wise, its pretty straight forward. They are pretty into managed service and they have been in business for more than 14 years. If you wants someone to take care of your business online, they are the one you should be looking out for.

A Small Orange

A Small Orange is one of the most reputable web hosting company in the US. It provides hight quality and uptime and can be found in many review on webhostingtalk and lowendbox about them. Their package is slightly higher than others but definitely provides better quality than anyone in the list.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is one of the most popular cloud hosting provider among developers that even us is using them for our cloud hosting provider! We have been using them and moving out but ended up returning back to them as they provides the best uptime as compare to many others we have tried with. They also offers the cheapest backup solution for your cloud server at $1 additional per instances. Signing up now gets you $10 credit for use, FREE.

1&1 Cloud

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1&1 is one of the oldest companies and also one of the biggest web hosting company in the US. They were way back 1988. They offer 3 location with both Windows and Linux. And they offer one of the highest SSD disk for the price you will be paying. for $4.99, you will be getting 30GB SSD. Not too sure if you can find anywhere that beats that. You can get 1 month free to try them out too!


Vultr is a close competitor of DigitalOcean and had just redesign their page, started on 2014. Similar to DigitalOcean with SSD hard disk, they also provides 14 cities location including  Japan! Other services such as Backup and Dedicated Instances is also available in Vultr. One of the most popular Cloud provider today. They also support both Windows and Linux public cloud. And also free unlimited snapshots. Signing up now also gets you $30 to use their services, FREE!


VPS.NET launched on 2009 as part of UK2Group. Do take note that the above, is a SSD VPS, its not Cloud, Cloud wise, they are slightly more expensive than DigitalOcean or Vultr alike. Starting price is at $5/month.


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LeaseWeb is slightly more expensive but definitely cheaper than VPS.NET.

Ubiquity Hosting

Ubiquity Hosting founded in 2004 and aims at stability of the system rather than offering a more competitive packages  . They implemented restriction to disk I/O where some of the people will welcome this move as a way to ensure the environment you are at is not being abused. Enter “25BUCKS” as coupon for a $25 free credit when you sign up!


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Linode is a close competitor of Digital Ocean and also one of the leader in Cloud Server. Pricing wise, they are slightly least competitive than DigitalOcena and some other competitors. They are one of the most experience player in the market and have gone through many issues previously and only Linode has the most feature rich platform where amore technical person will love it. (it gives you more control compare to others)


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CloudSigma provides a higher tier for its lowest package. If you are looking for more resources at the lowest price, they might just be the one you are looking for. Similar to DigitalOcean, they only provides unmanage services but with a lot more features. They offer 7 clouds location with a 100% SLA and has been in business for at least 6 years.

IWstack Cloud

IWStack Cloud is a services by Prometeus which operate way back 1997 which is based in Italy. They have a few location including USA, India and European countries. Pricing wise, tehy may be one of the most competitive ones.

Softlayer Cloud

Softlayer Cloud pricing is higher as compare to many competitors. They are more targeted to Enterprise rather than normal consumer like us. They provides both managed and unmanage cloud server with many other options that enterprise user might love to have.

RackSpace Cloud

Rackspace Cloud pricing targeted more towards businesses and enterprise level where they provides many other options on top of their cloud server such as manage and unmanage, firewall, and etc.


CloudWays is a PaaS services that sits on top of DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud services. Its the same pricing for the lowest tiers, but charge a little higher for higher tiers but provides many one click solutions similar to cPanel where you can install Varnish, cPanel, WordPress, MemCache, phpMyAdmin in just one click. Very easy to use and very fast to deploy. Total manage service with the lowest price tiers.


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CloudWith.ME specialize in AWS PaaS service that offer an alternative to CloudWays with the same 12 months free tiers as Amazon AWS!

Vexxhost Cloud

Vexxhost Cloud is a services by VEXXHOST which operate way back 2005 which is based in Canada.  They currently offer the best package at $5 due to 50% discount for a period of time.  Unlike provider like DigitalOcean, they operate more like a web hosting company who provide Cloud services based on the popular OpenStack.

Colossus Cloud

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Colossus Cloud is a brand of ServerPoint, one the most reputable hosting companies in the industry. They allows you to customize your size similar to how Amazon AWS and only pay for what you use for.


XenPower one of the smaller cloud service provider that has only 2 locations, Italy and USA. It provides limited package but is well known on lowendbox.


Atlantic.Net provides both unmanage and managed box, linux and windows alike with better and more competitive pricing. Design is simple and clean. Get $15 credit to try it out now!

Quadranet Cloud

Quadranet Cloud is a services by VEXXHOST which operate way back 2001 which is based in Los Angeles, US.  Their offer is slightly higher  but provides many other options for you to upgrade your Cloud server. Similarly, they also operate like a Web Hosting company rather than a specialist cloud provider.

PhotonVPS Cloud

PhotonVPS Cloud is a services by VEXXHOST which operate way back 2001 which is also based in Los Angeles, US.  However, they provide both Linux and Windows Cloud Server with Full Managed option as well. However, they only provides 2 locations in US, Los Angeles and Dallas Texas. However, they are specialist in DDoS Migration and has been doing this since way back in 2001.


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100TB provides the most value for $5-$10 a month with more disk space and bandwidth allocation. I will fall for this with more swap than RAM. Definitely one of the better offering in the market!

Amazon AWS

Amazon Cloud is one of the leader in Public cloud services. I could say, they are the one that disrupt the web hosting market and trend cloud services. Many big companies are hosted with them due to their ability to scale. However, their scaling factor comes with a huge cost that not many SME are able to afford. It is great to be small in Amazon, especially if your system doesn’t use much bandwidth and storage space such as ecommerce website (usage spike when promotion comes) or SaaS services. However, if you are social media or any forum website, i will highly advise you to stay away from amazon unless you are filthy rich, you can ignore me for good.


MNX.IO is a dedicated cloud provider who provides more space and ram for its lowest package at $5/month. However, unlike many established cloud hosting provider, MNX.IO lack of a lot of other features such as automatic backup, ip provision and etc.

Google Cloud

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Google Cloud is the only big ass company that mimic the same business model as Amazon Cloud but with additional advantages over pricing and offer of course.


UpCloud claims to have faster IOPS and other performances than Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean by at least 2x! UpCloud is an European Cloud company and has been around for a few years. Their package seems normal but i bet they did something to speed up their IO using either Ceph or SAN with tons of 500MB of read/write SSD!



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WebFaction seems like a crazy startup if you ask me. They are the only one that offers a HUGE SSD storage space and are fully managed server.  Operate since 2003 and provides 3 location including Singapore.


GridScale is a Germany Cloud Hosting company and only have one location that is in Germany.


Luna node is another cloud hosting company that specialist in Cloud server. Although they are less well known, they do provide many other features such as floating ip, custom backup and etc.


ElasticHosts offer 10 locations with the ability to change from SSD or HDD and choose the amount of requirement you need to calculate a monthly pricing for you. It just seems like a service building on top of AWS but i will never know, just a gut feeling though.


ScaleWays offer a much much better public Cloud package with unlimited bandwidth usage and a pricing as low as euro 2.00/month! They seems to be in France and it seems like a startup at the moment and things are still in progress. Nonetheless, looking good.


ElasticWeb which is offer in France and has the ability to calculate your usage fairly and accurately.  How does it works, i have no idea!



ExoScale is another European public cloud services with full SSD runs similarly to many cloud hosting provider. They are based in Switzerland and servers are all located in Switzerland. If you are looking for european cloud server, this might just be one of them.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud competitor. They offer what Google and Amazon offers but with a more powerful platform for end users. Microsoft Azure provides both Linux and Windows Cloud server. Don’t think its Microsoft so it doesn’t support Linux, it does!


Z.COM Cloud

Z.COM CLOUD, Japan largest internet is providing public cloud services and their package is quite competitive especially people looking for enterprise packages from Google or Amazon AWS. They offer 3 location, Japan, Singapore and the US. Click on the link to get $10 free credit and try it out for free!


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Another interesting Cloud provider is One Provider which provides almost EVERY location you can find on earth (Just kidding), they offer pretty much 125 location around the world and cover everywhere, package wise, definitely not the best but other than that, they are pretty much one of those that you will look out for.


Just when i think there is only US, Japan or Euro Cloud provider, guess what? Here comes, AliCloud, Alibaba answer to its competitors in public cloud services. Its very similar to Amazon and Google Cloud but with Singapore, US, Hong Kong and China Mainland for location! How’s that for a change?

Amazon Lightsails

Amazon Lightsails is just another Amazon product to grab pie from Digital Ocean that reduce the pricing confusion in Amazon AWS. Pricing wise, looks exactly the same to Digital Ocean and has  alot less feature than many other cloud platform. In short, minimal.

OVZ Cloud

OVZ Cloud runs on Openstack platform. It serve both windows and linux platform. Service and support wise, we all know what OVZ is popular for. They do have their own network in the US – EUR zone. But pricing tier looks a bit steep.


Well, you won’t see much people offering 1000% SLAs. VPS.NET does for its cloud. There is a 15% discount right around. Grab it and give it a try.

Alternative to DigitalOcean or Amazon AWS or Google Cloud or Linode

This is definitely a huge list of public cloud services which can really be serve as an alternative to these big names in the cloud market! I don’t know about you, but i did my research and i really found some gem that wasn’t in the market few months back! Eye Opening!

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