Top 7 Managed Cloud VPS Server

Sometimes we just want to find managed cloud vps server rather than the unmanaged onces.

Layer Shift

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Layer Shift provides fully managed cloud vps only. They are in business since 2001 and they offer 3 location, Chicago for US, Singapore for Asia and UK. Their offers starts at $49/month


Hostforweb also provides  managed cloud vps. They have been in business for more than 14 years. If you wants someone to take care of your business online, they are the one you should be looking out for. Their package starts from $59.95/month.


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Atlantic.Net provides managed box with a starting price of $499 per month. Atlantic has been around for some times. They provides 7 location including Singapore in Asia. You can get $15 credit if you are interested to try them out.


CloudWays is a PaaS services similar to cPanel and they are also one of the cheapest managed service which provides you with focus on your website while they will handled most of your technical needed operation in their PaaS system. Enter “WEBHOSTINEGG” as promo code when sign up to get $10 credit.


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CloudWith.ME is a PaaS which is an alternative to CloudWays service. At the moment, they only provides AWS as setup but provides the same tiers as Amazon which is 12 months free AWS for new customer!


RackSpace Cloud

Rackspace Cloud pricing focus on Enterprise level and allows their users to select every single  aspect of your cloud and even selecting what kind of managed service level agreement with them.


Softlayer Cloud

Softlayer Cloud also target Enterprise customer which is bought over by IBM . Unlike Racksapce, you will need to contact IBM directly to know more about their managed services.



If you are on Amazon AWS and find that Amazon AWS managed service is non existing or too expensive. You can definitely look for MediaTemplate for your needs which cost around $499.

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