Top 8+ Cheapest 2TB Storage Backup Instances within $30

Assuming you have a server that you have and you wanted to backup that server without purchasing a new dedicated server. Sourcing for a new dedicated server just for backup is too expensive and getting another one with the same provider using a private ip might be idea but everything cames back to cost. Hence, sourcing for the cheapest storage backup instances with the objective to backup is ideal. Here, i want a remote backup instance in the case when my local network is hacked and got all my data deleted or just a place to store my porn. Hence, let’s try looking at the lowest cost possible to get an instances with at least 2TB of storage and within $30! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARN.


Talk about CHEAP. No beats Kimsufi. They offering dedicated server at $29/month with 2TB of disk space, unlimited transfer and the CPU you think you need and many other more features including free anti-DDOS protection. The most affordable dedicated server you will be able to find in the internet! Their datacenter is in the Canada. Support isn’t the best for sure. Buy at your own risk.



MNX.IO offers $30 for 2TB storage but with a limit of 8TB transfer but with a SSD Cached storage, nothing much to complain about. Their datacenter is in the US.



Hetzner also one of the cheapest dedicated server you can find on the planet but only in Germany datacenter. Offering around USD29 with 2x2TB dedicated server for your storage needs. Support isn’t the best for sure. Buy at your own risk.


Talk about cheap! 2TB storage at $20 / month! That’s cheap. Their datacenter is in the US.


How about 2TB for around $6/month. Now that’s dirt cheap but in Europe. Still CHEAP! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


Delimiter price at around USD25 a month if you pay yearly fee, not the best, but pretty cheap too! Their datacenter is in the US.

Whole Sale Internet

At exactly $30, you can get a 2TB dedicated server with them. Occasionally you can get it at $20 at Webhostingtalk. Their datacenter is in the US.


Dedicated server at $25/month with free ips and 1Gbit port, 16GB Ram and not bad CPU. Nothing to complain about. Datacenter is in the US.

Summary of Cheapest 2TB Storage Backup Instances within $30

If there is any cheaper storage that you can find under $30, do share and let us know! We would love to see more of such deals!

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