5 Highest value SSD Cloud VPS Server within $5

Here, i attempt to find 5 of the highest value SSD Cloud VPS server that i could get within $5. I want the best value! I bet you want it too! Let’s see who are them!


Vultr who has one of the fastest SSD IOPS speed came in last with merely  15GB for $5/month but with a big memory space of 768MB 20GB for $2.5/month and free snapshot, auto backup and provision of ips. Vultr is definitely one of the ready solutions for cloud server highest bang for your money. Offering free snapshot with one of the highest ram you can find, its definitely one of those value you can’t find!  Signing up now also gives you a $30 credit to use their services! They offer datacenter in 7 countries such as Japan, Singapore, Australia, US, Germany, UK, Netherland and Paris.

1&1 Cloud

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I will cut the chase. I start off with the best (oddly), but i find 1&1 which is one of the oldest web hosting company offering less than $5/month and offering the highest SSD storage of 30GB for both linux and windows server! Not too sure if you can find anywhere that beats that in term of value. You can get 1 month free to try them out too but their platform isn’t the best in the world, still, its 30GB and They offer 3 locations, USA, Germany and Spain.  Sadly it’s not available anymore ** UPDATE **


MNX.IO is a dedicated cloud provider who provides more space and ram for its lowest package at $5/month, its definitely one of the best value you can find. They are one that offers the highest RAM at $5 with the second highest SSD storage given at 25GB. Transfer rate is only at 1TB but its ok. They do lack a lot of feature such as auto backup, provision of ip, snapshot and etc. though and only one data center located in US. But in terms of value, they owe the term ‘value for money’ for sure but pretty small company at the moment.


Atlantic.Net not being the highest 20GB (the norm) but pricing at $4.97/month with 20GB SSD storage but with the highest transfer rate of 2TB, definitely one of the value SSD cloud vps server that i will prefer! Looking for high Transfer rate users might want to check them out! If you are interested, you can get $15 credit to try it out too. They offer a few US locations, UK and Canada datacenter.

Digital Ocean

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Digital Ocean is one of the most popular cloud hosting and specialist in simplicity, they provide one of the most affordable and simplest platform for developers to use and forget about machine (which i did). They grew the fastest and is currently one of the pack leader in the developer world in cloud server. They also offer the CHEAPEST backup instances at $1 additional a month! Definitely one of the most valued cloud vps with this kind of backup cost. Signing up now gets you a $10 credit for use too. They offer 7 countries datacenter including US, Germany, UK, Canada, Netherland, India and Singapore!


Summary of Highest value SSD Cloud VPS Server within $5

In terms of value, its all about features, location, disk space, bandwidth, CPU, memory and any free or unlimited things that provider can provide can fork out from their pocket is a win for us. Looking at all these, within $5, these are my highest value SSD cloud VPS server i will recommend you guys to take a look. If you find something even better! Do share!

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