10 problems having dedicated server/VPS or Shared Web Hosting in developing country


Saw a very promising or attractive dedicated server or VPS offering in a developing country that are offering in WHT? Or are your services targeting audience in a particular developing country and deciding to locate purchase a server or vps services in that country? Before doing that, let me share with you what kind of problems you will face having a dedicated server or vps in a developing country.


Another common problem are the hardware provided, if you notice certain provider do not write in details what kind of hard disk they are providing you (similar to Amazon), but they are most likely using Desktop hard disk to run your business. Think about it, you are most likely using a 5400rpm Desktop HDD rather than a common 7200rpm SAS drive. This is the a common practice in developing country dedicated server. make sure to test your iops even if they promise SSD drives.

Poor customer service

Search around the internet and look for customer service of developing company customer service and you will see a lot of truth when it comes to customer service. For bigger developing country web hosting company, when nothing is wrong, you are blessed but once you hit a rock, support can take days or even weeeks to resolve such as network issue with your VPS/Dedicated server or server hardware failure. Hardware replacement SLA is pretty much equal to none. If your website is under attack, you better be prepare to be shut down by your provider immediately. This is to prevent others from affecting by sacrificing your account.


If you are on a dedicated server, the only problem you may face would be network issue of 100Mbps sharing between 100 dedicated server or just hardware failure but for VPS users, you will most likely faces a lot of IO issues with VPS in most developing country web hosting provider. Choose wisely to avoid yourself headaches especially when it comes to I/O in a VPS. And if you are in Shared Web Hosting, you are in for a lot of trouble.

Slow Network

In many developing country where there are many datacenter around to choose from. Many companies in a developing country tend to have lesser bandwidth than you think. In most developing country, bandwidth are expensive, overselling are very common in country. The network is slow can be due to 2 things, either your network is heavily overused or the route outside the country is very slow. The promising 100mbps uplink port will most likely refers to local port. Not international port.


Another problem related to network are the stability. You may still get your 99.9% network guarantee, but do not trust them when they promise you over tier 4 network uptime guarantee of 99.999%. Even if the network is ‘up’, your connection will most likely sucks with a high ping of 200-300ms spiking up and down. Or even worst, packet loss!

Terms and Condition

Do read the terms and condition of the provider, although you might not care most of the time. The terms are different for each developing country. If you are in a Muslim country, gambling or porngraphy isn’t allow.

Single point of failure

In developing country where currency is weaker, don’t expect premium equipment and etc. most web hosting company are looking at the return of investment (ROI). If you are expecting multiple tier 1 bandwidth provider, redundant dedicated server or power supply.

Fake Cloud

If you are interested in a cloud VPS in a developing country. Be sure to understand what kind of cloud you are in bed with. Virtually its cloud but its those cloud with a downtime. Make sure to understand what kind of technology they are using to build a cloud services. A lot of provider in Asia are just providing a redundant or failover machine and call it a cloud platform.


Most network are protected by Firewall and premium switches. Be sure to know what kind of firewall and switches your providers are using! Most doesn’t use a hardware firewall at all to cut down cost until problem arise.


Not all server or network are secure properly especially if it is run by bigger company. It only takes are few monkeys to get into the network and starts causing troubles. Layer 8 hacking is pretty common and if your website are hacked by hackers. The chances of immediate suspension is highly likely and paying a premium to get it undone are common practice by share hosting company as well. It is your responsibility to backup your stuff, read the terms dude.

Summary Problems having dedicated server/VPS in developing country

Although most of the above may also happen to developed country web hosting company. But due to competition in developed country, the chances of you getting a low quality network and bad support is pretty lower than developing country provider.

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