10 Platform to promote your web hosting products and services

I bet there are many web hosting companies out there and many more are starting up everyday. Its a very competitive market since entering is very easy as long as you have the interest! If you are into web hosting products and services. How do you even go about promoting your business to others? From a business perspective, let’s see how a web hosting company can promote their business further and attract more business to its web hosting company.


This is old school. If you type “web hosting”, tons of web hosting advertisement started popping out of Google. I don’t think i have to convince anyone how useful it is for so many people advertising on it. The problem? The cost!

Web Hosting Talk

Web Hosting Talk, The largest, most influential web hosting community on the Internet, well said. With a minimum member subscription of $49.99/year it worth every penny and allow you to expose yourself to the world!

Facebook Ads

Similar to Google Adwords, Facebook ads allows you to target certain groups of individuals. How can you miss out the biggest social media platform if you are using adwords?


Twitter might be a better alternative to your marketing campaign if you are going with Facebook ads? Why? It’s because Twitter will most likely spread across your niche of followers rather than just anybody. the chances is definitely higher and its free!


Lowendbox is another place for many web hosting company to promo their vps services with 128-512mb of ram! It’s where many web hosting companies found their place in the market!


Another VPS and dedicated service provider place to show off their machine performance and attract technical savvy individuals who really do their homework.


When someone is interested between a few companies of web hosting providers, the only differences is the promotion code around. Throwing this helps your followers to promote your code and attract more sales!


Reddit is another popular place to go. Its free and like many forum advertisement, just be active! And what’s more, its pretty interested!

Stumble Upon

Be creative and make your ads attractive by placing in stumble upon, chances are you will stumble upon a few customers, especially if you are offering great pricing and ease of use!


If you prefer to shoot your arrow to a few individual technical site, how about trying buysellads where you can advertise there with as low as few dollar a month or just pay per click.

Other Platform to promote your web hosting products and services

Actually there are more list of promotion places, but i will just list out the most useful platform for your references. Try it out!

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